We’ve all been to Farmers Markets, Festivals and Marketplaces, but none will come close to the variety, selection and experience of the Marketplace at the North 40 Urban Farm. The Marketplace, located in the same facility as the North 40 Floral Trade Center wholesale market offers a unique opportunity for a select group of producers, farmers, and vendors, to showcase their passion and products to the public, to restaurants, event planners, and others. This vibrant center of food, flowers and specialty products, adjacent to craft brewers, winemakers, and a culinary center and gardens, encompasses the experience of a working farm producing key products- flowers, olives, grapes, tangerines, hops and blueberries- while providing the ease of access and demographics of the urban area of coastal San Diego County.

Ultimately providing more than 110,000 square feet, the North 40 Marketplace offers a range of space and size to accommodate the full spectrum of experience for wholesale and public customers seeking the quality of direct farm to table food and other craft products.

For further information or to indicate interest in locating at the North 40 Marketplace , click here to view the site plan.