Frequently Asked Questions

Where will North 40 Urban Farm be located?

The North 40 Urban Farm is proposed on the Carlsbad Ranch south of Cannon road adjacent to The Flower Fieldstm. It is unaffiliated with the properties north of Cannon, although trails could link to trails adjacent to the lagoon.

Are the proposed North 40 Urban Farm buildings part of the Carlsbad Flower Fields property? Will this change the Flower Fields operations or educational programs?

No.  The proposed North 40 Urban Farm development will be north of the Flower Fields and will not impact the Flower Fields operations but it will provide an enhancement of educational programs for children that are now a part of the spring season.

Who owns and will operate the North Urban Farm?

Carltas Company, an enterprise owned by the Paul Ecke Jr family, has been the owner of the Carlsbad Ranch and The Flower Fields since 1957 when the family incorporated the Company with properties held since 1926.  Carltas will create the North 40 in a partnership with its long term partners in other projects, Zelman Development Company. The project will continue to be held as an integrated farming and service operation with the Flower Fields

Will the proposed North 40 Urban Farm be a “Mall”?

No. The North 40 will be exclusively composed of activities in support of the primary agricultural production activities of the entire property, including both floral and food crop production, distribution, and sale. The uses will reflect a full range from wholesale distribution, to food crop processing ( like olive oil milling), to brewing and fermenting, include food service and retail sales of such products, and incorporate a farmstay element that will bring a 24 hour  engagement from the public in the life and operation of the farming enterprise.

What are examples of the kinds of tenants at the North 40 Urban Farms?

We expect to 1-4 floral wholesalers (such as those at the former San Diego International Floral Trade Center) and a full range of marketplace producers and sellers bringing services such as  coffee processing and roasting, 2-3 craft brewers with 10-15 barrel systems, cheese making,  green grocer services,  production winery, olive oil milling and production, 1-2 full restaurants, all of which will incorporate the products of the field operation.

What is a farmstay?

A farmstay is a unique lodging concept found at farms, ranches, and vineyards all over the world. In general they are characterized as single story bungalow style units clustered and integrated with an ongoing commercial farming operation. They provide a unique experience with the 24 hour life of a farm, a tie with the products of the farm, and an opportunity to educate visitors about the value of the farm and its products. By taking advantage of the special experience created by the farm, particularly in an urbanizing area, the farmstay also provides economic support for creating and maintaining the environment. Click here to see a concept illustration. 

Plus a comparison of farmstay vs. commercial lodging.

What crops are being added to the current floral production?

Pursuant to a crop plan and support provided by the City of Carlsbad initial plantings of an olive grove of 600 trees, 1 ¾ acres of Blueberries, ½ acre of coffee and an experimental planting of hops have been installed. Blueberries have matured and are being seasonally sold. Olive oil was first produced last year and the newest crop is been milled this fall. All crops are being grown on a sustainable and organic basis. Built into the farmstay program will be a series of “kitchen crop” type production areas- running from herbs, lettuces to specialty products in smaller discrete areas. After the grading for the project is complete, a vineyard will be planted adjacent to the entry on Cannon. Other portions of the farm will be planted with  a grove of French oaks with truffle production, a hops field, and various citrus products.

How will the North 40 Urban Farm affect that traffic in the area?

A traffic study completed in 2013 for the project fully built out at 113,000 square feet will be updated. The addition of a Farmstay element and the reduction in retail and distribution uses is likely to reduce the forecast peak demand and impacts on the roadway system. The 2013 study required some contribution to ultimate improvements on some intersections but no immediate changes. Read Analysis

Where will people park at the North 40 Urban Farm?

There will be plenty of on- site parking on the North 40 Urban Farm property with most on a decomposed granite surface.  The blend of uses, with wholesale floral distribution in the early morning, followed by the marketplace and lunch dining in the afternoons, with the brewery and winery tasting rooms in the evening is intended to balance the use of the parking area effectively and allow for capacity greater than City standards.   There will also be multiple auto charging stations for hybrid/ electric cars as the North 40 plans to meet LEED certification for CA energy efficiencies for new construction.

What is the City review process for final approval?

The North 40 Urban Farm was approved in 2013 including the design of the first phase of approximately 60,000 square feet of buildings. The remaining phases are subject to review and approval by the Planning Commission. The assessment of costs of construction of the infrastructure (internal circulation, intersection at Car Country Drive, sewer water, and other utilities) requires that we build the entire project as one phase, and consequently we will initiate an amendment that will include design of the remaining building. As an initial step we have requested a Preliminary Determination by the Planning Commission of the uses permitted under the Cannon Road Agricultural/Open Space Zone that was approved after passage of Proposition D in 2006.

Please read the Farmstay Land Use Review Summary here.

The Request and Staff Report for the December 6th hearing is attached here.

Please read the response by North 40 here.

What is the timing for the review process?

The specific timing will be determined by the City’s staff in concert with the Planning Commission and its calendar. Our preliminary estimate on time for the public hearings is as follows:

Preliminary Determination on zoning interpretation December 2017
Planning Commission Hearing on Amended Plan June-July 2018
City Council Hearing (if required) July-August 2018

Will there be an opportunity for public discussion before the hearings?

Yes. We are holding a Community Forum on Sunday 12/3/17 from 1:30-3:30 pm at the Carlsbad Senior Center – Activity Room, 799 Pine Street in Carlsbad. Please find additional details here.

How will public have access?

As a part of the installation, public trails will be constructed linking Cannon Road and Armada Drive along the eastern boundary of the property (at its highest view point) and an east west link beside the olive grove to the North 40 Urban Farm Marketplace, and from there a link south to  the Company Stores area. The trails will be open except when farming operations require temporary closure. In addition, the plan includes a large public area surrounded by the winery, brewery tasting rooms, marketplace and restaurants.