Want to get healthy? Tangerines are not only a great source of Vitamin C, but also of B1, B2 & B3. This tasty flavorful fruit is also grown at North 40 in several varieties. Spoil yourself with sweet tangerines from our Produce Vendor or find them in our Pies & Cheesecakes from our amazing dessert Vendor!


Brewed perfectly, you’ll feel like the world is a wonderful place to be in. Try one of our roasted coffees using the unique coffee bean varieties grown just for the North 40 Urban Farm. Enjoy!


A key ingredient for San Diego craft beer industry will be produced at the North 40 from over 12 varieties tested for vigorous growth and flavor including Chinook, Perle, Newport and Willamette. Grown on trellises the vines and flowers will have the impact of a vineyard on the slopes above Agua Hedionda lagoon, with the benefit of the coastal eddy. The hops flowers will be annually harvested and incorporated by the on -site brewers into a special seasonal run of beer, offering a special taste of coastal southern California.


Early seasonal varieties of blueberries including Snowchaser, Emerald and Jewel will give the North 40 the earliest spring harvest of premium berries form the 2 acres of hillside planting. Harvested berries will be sold at the North 40, at the Flower Fields, and other specialty markets. As the blueberries mature the public may have the opportunity to pick their own at the season’s end.



More than 600 Olive trees ranging from Korenicki, to Noccellara Del Belice will fill the hillside above the North 40 Marketplace. Fresh olives and freshly pressed olive oils will be processed and sold at the North 40 and in local specialty markets. Harvested in the fall, the freshly pressed oil will provide a unique flavor experience for local residents and visitors to the North 40.